Intern Spotlight: Brea Jarrell


We’re thrilled to have several interns joining us at Parametrix this summer! We strive to provide challenging, hands-on project experience to students entering our industry. Inspiring young professionals early in their career is critical for the future of our profession and for our purpose of restoring the health of the planet for future generations.

Meet Brea Jarrell, an intern with our Albuquerque Transportation division. She grew up in Albuquerque and is attending University of New Mexico with plans to graduate in the fall of 2024 as a civil engineering major.

Why did you choose an internship at Parametrix?

Even before I was considering an internship for this summer, I was in contact with a few of the engineers from the Albuquerque office. I just wanted to get to know a little bit about what they did and how that related back to my course work at UNM. Everything they said really resonated with me, and I felt right in my decision to be a civil engineering major. When the opportunity to apply for the internship came around, I knew I had to jump on the chance to work with Parametrix because everyone was so welcoming and kind. I was thrilled to be brought on as an intern and have lots of people to mentor me and introduce me to many new aspects of engineering as a whole.

What would you like to accomplish during your internship?

During my internship, I would like to learn as much as I can from everyone. The Albuquerque office has many different people who are a part of different teams, including environmental planning and compliance, transportation planning, and structures. Everyone has offered me great pieces of advice and have given me a run through of what they are working on.

One of the biggest goals for myself during this internship is to become more proficient in CADD and Civil 3D. Prior to my internship, I had little experience with AutoCAD. Since joining Parametrix this summer, I have already picked up so much from doing project work. I hope to continue learning more and more from the engineers in the office. Overall, I just want to be somewhat of a sponge and soak up everything everyone wants to show me.

What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to work in the transportation sector of civil engineering. Being able to see existing and completed projects out in the field has contributed to me wanting to pursue transportation specifically. It’s my goal to become a Professional Engineer and work on projects that will help better my community.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time, I play/coach lacrosse! I also enjoy hiking, painting, and reading. Right now, I am attempting to get through the first part of Dune by Frank Herbert, but I doubt I will be done by the end of the summer…I also love to do yoga outside and write letters!

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