It’s Time for a Change




Parametrix CEO Jeff Peacock sent the following message to employee-owners this week. We share this with our clients, partners, and communities to publicize our commitment to continuing the conversation around system racial injustices.

The very public death of George Floyd has been a catalyst for a nationwide movement and affirmation that Black Lives Matter. Like you, I was deeply saddened by yet another example of a Black person whose basic human rights were violated and whose life was taken under a pretense of law enforcement.

We are all now witness to the deeply engrained lack of social justice in society that continues to swell the ugly face of racism. We are all disgusted by the pervasive enabling and persistent harassment, discrimination, and violent treatment of Black people across the country. For Black people and people of color, what is happening is a daily part of life that as a person with white privilege, I may never truly understand. The nations witness to George Floyd’s death has ignited a broad and important movement that seeks to end the long history of violent treatment and police brutality. At Parametrix, we are listening, stand with you, and are committing to doing better.

I strongly support those who choose to peacefully protest this tragedy and advocate for needed changes in a system that perpetrates racial injustice.

The national push for change will likely take many forms. Fundamentally however, change must come as law enforcement reforms and through inclusion, founded on voter participation and voter rights. As you read this, many of those in power are trying to keep people of color from voting by systematically closing polling places in low income and minority areas and pushing to eliminate mail in voting.

When we see protesters in the age of the haves and the have nots layered under the intentional encouragement of divisiveness, polarization and subversive moves aimed at keeping things the way they are, we are seeing people who have been pushed to the edge. People who simply want to be treated justly and work toward a brighter future.

The window for meaningful change has burst open and the time has come to take a stand. Not just a stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion, but also a stand against the injustices of institutionalized racism.

Through educating ourselves about privilege, unconscious bias, and institutional racism we will become better listeners and be able to cultivate crucial conversations within our company, and within our communities.

To that end, we have placed some helpful resources on [our intranet] designed to help with awareness, understanding, and ideas for supporting our co-workers. I encourage everyone to read, watch, and share this important information.

I do not pretend to have answers for the change that is needed. I am however, committed to keeping this conversation at the forefront within Parametrix. Through education, discussion, and dialog, together will we define how Parametrix will make a difference


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