Division Connects

The Division Connects study examined the possibilities presented by the North Spokane Corridor (NSC) and higher-capacity transit to focus on moving people to and through this important corridor. It explored the future of transportation and land use along this street before traffic patterns change due to the NSC opening in 2030. The NSC is expected to change traffic on Division Street and other north-south arterials, providing an opportunity to look at how the corridor itself and the surrounding neighborhoods might change over time to support local businesses, local vehicle trips, increased transit trips, and biking and walking.

The study refined more than 20 bus rapid transit (BRT) design options into four core concepts for further analysis. The study also included an extensive public engagement process. The team aligned project partners around evaluation criteria and integrated public outreach comments to identify the locally preferred alternative, which envisions the Division Line BRT operating with zero-emission 60-foot buses and qualifying as a “fixed-guideway” BRT project under the FTA Capital Investment Grant program. It is expected to operate in side-running lanes dedicated to business access and transit buses through most of the corridor. Parametrix led this corridor study and provided transportation, transit, and land use planning.


Spokane Regional Transportation Council and Spokane Transit Authority

Spokane, Washington
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