East Lake Sammamish Trail

The East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) is part of the Locks to Lakes Corridor, a 44-mile-long regional trail corridor that connects Seattle to the Eastside and the Cascade Foothills. ELST provides greater access to recreation, employment, and retail, and provides a multi-use path for bicyclists, pedestrians, joggers, walkers, and movers of all ages and abilities.

Parametrix has been working with King County include 1998 to plan, design, permit, and construct the 11-mile connecting downtown Issaquah to Redmond along the east side of Lake Sammamish along a former rail corridor. Initially, Parametrix designed and permitted an interim use trail with a crushed surface to allow the corridor to be opened to public use while master planning for the long-term, wider, paved trail with full amenities was developed. ELST crosses three jurisdictions and involves dozens of streams and over 70 wetlands. Parametrix helped the County in obtaining several grants for the project.

There has been intense public interest in the project and multiple environmental concerns including wetlands, steep slopes, and unstable soils. Parametrix led the development of public outreach strategy and has participated in a wide range of public outreach activities ranging from public hearings and large public meetings to small group and one-on-one meetings with agencies and adjacent property owners.

“The wide range of excellent, professional services provided by Parametrix is only surpassed by the quick, efficient and cost effective manner in which their products are produced. Parametrix is definitely an asset to any team.”


2024 Gold Award, Special Projects, ACEC Washington

Two people ride bikes along a paved trail
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