I-40 Corridor Congestion Management Study

Traffic congestion on I-40 through Albuquerque is substantial during peak traffic hours, causing travel delays and contributing to crashes. Major physical improvements to I-40 (adding lanes, reconfiguring interchanges) are costly and difficult within a constrained footprint. The I-40 Corridor Congestion Management study explored alternatives ways to reduce construction and improve safety through the corridor. Parametrix led the study of traffic and safety issues and investigated potential traffic management strategies to obtain better operations. The study identified several congestion management strategies and geometric improvements, including westbound ramp metering on I-40 from Tramway to the Big I, peak hour shoulder running on westbound I-40 from the Big I to Coors Boulevard, and ramp improvements for the westbound to northbound and eastbound to northbound ramps at the Big I. Significant benefits were identified at a much lower cost than mainline widening.

I-40 Corridor Congestion Management Study


New Mexico Department of Transportation

Albuquerque, New Mexico


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