Kootenai County Landfill

Parametrix has provided engineering services to Kootenai County since 1986, beginning with alternatives evaluation and landfill siting and continuing today with landfill gas and leachate management and groundwater monitoring. We designed the Kootenai County Farm Landfill to meet the requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Subtitle D Standards. The landfill currently receives more than 166,000 tons per year of municipal waste and Parametrix continues to design the landfill gas and leachate systems as the landfill develops.

As partial leachate disposal at this site requires trucking to a nearby sanitary sewer, Parametrix developed two methods for on-site leachate disposal to reduce operational costs: leachate recirculation and leachate evaporation. These methods resulted in reduced leachate disposal costs, enhanced landfill stabilization, and use of the landfill gas that is generated to fuel the evaporator. Enhanced leachate pond evaporation and misters were designed and implemented to dispose of collected leachate to increase landfill gas flow to the gas-to-energy plant and reduce leachate recirculation to the landfill.

Parametrix continues to provide Phase 4 closure design and construction services, landfill gas system design and operating assistance, Tier 1 operation reporting, and groundwater sampling quality assurance and reporting.


Kootenai County

Coeur d’Alene, WA


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