Move Utah Program Support

Move Utah is a walking, biking, and community planning program operated by UDOT. The program engages and empowers local communities to consider and embrace walking, biking and other active modes through planning, events, education and infrastructure development. Parametrix has played a key role in the Move Utah program since its inception. Our staff play a critical role in the management and delivery of Move Utah activities, providing technical expertise, design services, and community engagement.

Recent efforts under the Move Utah contract include planning for the adoption of several hundred miles of US Bike Routes throughout the state; planning and design of temporary Stay Safe, Stay Active lane closures on 900 East in Salt Lake City for COVID response; and several other planning and technical assistant efforts throughout Utah.

The successful partnership with the City of Slat Lake on the Stay Safe, Stay Active project provided an additional opportunity to work with the City on the 800 East Neighborhood Byway. This corridor was one of the more successful Stay Safe, Stay Active streets, and the intention is to create an enhanced neighborhood byway in the same spirit. Parametrix and the Move Utah team have developed corridor concepts, solicited community feedback through a project website, initiated community surveys, and hosted stakeholder meetings. The team produced preliminary engineering designs of the preferred alternative.

Move Utah Program Support



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