Oregon Cooling Needs

The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) is addressing essential statewide energy concerns in the context of human rights, health, and safety. After more than 100 estimated heat-related deaths statewide during the record-breaking heat wave in the summer of 2021, Senate Bill 1536 was passed directing ODOE to conduct a cooling needs study, to be reported to the legislature to guide further action.

Parametrix led the cooling needs study, which examined the cooling needs of Oregon households living in the housing types most vulnerable to heat including manufactured dwelling parks/mobile homes, publicly supported housing (multifamily), recreational vehicles, and employer-provided agricultural workforce housing. The study will help ODOE to understand the prevalence of and need for cooling equipment as well as opportunities and barriers.

The study involved gathering and reviewing existing data, developing an outreach and data collection plan, interviewing subject matter experts, and surveying residents living in vulnerable housing types. The data collected from the study was synthesized into the following deliverables:

  • A comprehensive report on the cooling needs and solutions for four heat-vulnerable housing types in Oregon, with cost analyses and recommendations for policy and program improvements.
  • A user-friendly Heat Vulnerability Index (HVI) GIS Webmap and PowerBI Dashboard that display the study data and findings in an interactive and visual way.
  • A captivating StoryMap that tells the story of the study and its implications for a wider audience, using interactive and engaging graphics and narratives.


    Oregon Department of Energy

    Statewide, Oregon
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