Port of Vancouver Investigation, Remediation, and Regulatory Negotiations

In 1997, contamination was discovered during pre-construction work conducted by the City of Vancouver on the Mill Plain Extension project. Since 1998, Parametrix has designed and managed extensive investigation and cleanup work for the Port of Vancouver. Soil, groundwater, sediment, and air data collected as part of remedial investigations were used to define three source areas for VOC contamination at the Port, including the Swan Manufacturing Company, Cadet Manufacturing, and ST Services sites. The sites are located above a local sole source drinking water aquifer and the adjacent Columbia River.

Parametrix has designed and managed the implementation of three cleanup actions to capture and destroy VOC contamination in the Swan Manufacturing source area and overall site, including excavation and vapor extraction, in-situ oxidation, and groundwater pump and treat. Parametrix completed comprehensive permitting and provided regulatory negotiations and litigation support as part of the site investigation, cleanup, and cost-recovery activities. The cleanup actions have successfully destroyed the contamination and the project is progressing into a monitored natural attenuation phase and eventual site closure.

Port of Vancouver Valve PlacementPort of Vancouver Valve Placement
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