Surveyors Week 2022: Kristy Allinson


Kristy is a Senior Surveyor leading our survey team in Bremerton, WA. She has 24 years of experience and has been with Parametrix for over 4 years.

What inspired you to become a surveyor?

It was more that I fell into this profession at first. I started out as a grade checker at 18 years old and slowly worked my way into running the instrument. The ability to grow in this profession at all stages is very engaging and it’s that continual learning that has kept me in the profession.

Kristy wearing a beanie and holding a survey instrument

What is your favorite part about being a surveyor?

My favorite part about being a surveyor is the different places I have been able to explore. My kids always roll their eyes as we cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and I tell them about how I worked on this project. Or when we are driving in Poulsbo I point out that a co-worker and I found a stone monument over there. It creates these good memories that I am able to share with my family.

Tell us about a favorite project you have worked on in your career.

My favorite project was a subdivision in Seabrook, WA, the location is by far a great place to visit. It’s great to see the development of such a wonderful community and to be a part of establishing the property boundaries that will be there for years to come.

Jade and Kristy point at a marker on a tree

What advice do you have for the next generation of surveyors?

My advice is to share what we do as surveyors with others. I do not think there is enough information shared about what a diverse job surveyors have, it provides a huge gamut of outlets. Whether it be in the office drafting, or out in the field doing a boundary retracement, or setting points in the ground for construction. There is such a monumental shortage of new surveyors choosing this profession, which makes this profession all the more valuable. 

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